What Is The Difference Between Precast Concrete and Poured In Place Concrete?

21 Mar

What Is The Difference Between Precast Concrete and Poured In Place Concrete?

Many of our customers ask us what the differences between poured-in-place and concrete cast offsite are. This is what we tell them. Both products are made completely using cement, water and color and other additives. Concrete’s popularity has grown in recent years due to its good looks, it is beautiful, unique, natural and understated.  Concrete is often chosen for its great industrial or modern appearance, but it can be made to look like an ancient artifact as well.  Paradise Concrete does not use any resins or plastics in its proprietary  mix.  What we use is additives that make our concrete more durable and less likely to stain.  Paradise Concrete is smooth and soft to the touch.  It is not coarse or bumpy.  Compare our concrete to most other concrete and you will why we prefer precast concrete to poured-in-place. It is of upmost importance to use an experienced manufacturer or contractor make sure they specialize in countertops or precast.  Flooring contractors may do great floors, but counters are a different matter all together.  Ask lots of  questions about experience and number of years they have been in business.  Concrete is a delightful product if done right.

Poured in place Concrete

Poured in place concrete is poured at the job-site and the contractor mixes concrete or it is brought in by a second-party cement mix company. Conditions at the job-site can affect the outcome and the workmanship of the product. Making concrete in hot weather can result in adding too much water, which can change the color and make mismatched pieces or over troweling. Over troweling is caused by site conditions (contractors towel to smooth out concrete or level it), which can cause small cracks and roughness. Some contractors then use heavy amounts of sealer to cover up the flaws created by over worked concrete. Sealers are less durable than concrete and are best applied thin. This is sometimes not possible when at the job-site. Conditions such as heat, cold, wind, and onsite application methods can give poor results. If you choose poured-in-place be sure to select an excellent and skilled contractor because their technique and talent will produce the best results.

Precast Concrete

Our precast concrete is made in the controlled environment of our Tempe factory. We control the temperature and use a tested and proven proprietary mix. The result is concrete that is nearly perfectly poured and hand worked by an artisan. The concrete is polished at high speeds to close the capillaries (much like pores in skin) that make the concrete smooth and non-porous. This less porous concrete is more stain resistant.

Our concrete is light, yet it is flexible and stronger than thick concrete. We can cast seamless sinks into the product and because we do not trowel the concrete. The color is evenly distributed and tones are true. If a piece of concrete does not meet our standards we can re-pour it and deliver a perfect piece to the job-site. This is not the case with cast-in-place. With cast-in-place concrete, the concrete must be pulled off of cabinetry or walls, which can create damage. Over time the weight of concrete may cause potential problems such as settling, cracking and drawers that do not open.

Our lighter concrete is 100% concrete without any resins or plastics and it is highly durable. Because it is malleable, our concrete can be cast into any shape. Sinks are perfectly formed and we can create any design you wish using our modern mold making technology. Our concrete is hand finished which produces the artisan’s technique and the artisan style and mark is left on each piece much like a work of art. You will find that our concrete is light durable and stain resistant and each piece is a unique and artistic work. We offer over 67,000 color options including nearly 50 grays. Textures and hand painting, color blocking and aging are also available. We can make a project to any design specifications.

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