Paradise Concrete Design Studio offers customized services for its customers.

Design Consultation

We provide design consultations so that we can understand what the needs and requirements are from the client and so that we can help them through the design process and provide design input.

Custom Color Blending

In addition to our colors of paradise, we have the ability to provide custom color blending.  If there is a color you need to match, or want to go outside of the box, we can provide the perfect color for you.

Special Mold Construction

We provide special mold construction for all types of application.  Whether you need a custom sink, countertop, fireplace or more.  We can provide the perfect mold for your space.

Sub-Base Design / Structural Support Design / Engineering Assistance

We provide sub-base and structural support design and engineering assistance as needed.  Contact us for more information.

Expert Installation

With over 20 years of experience, we know a thing or two about concrete installation.  We provide white-glove, professional installation on all of our products

Installation Assistance and Instructions

We provide installation assistance and instructions for our products.  We know that this may be the first concrete piece in your home or place of business and need to know care and maintenance.


We can provide drawings based on the requirements of the product and space.  This comes with our design expertise that can help improve the form and function of your space.

Bids and Quotations

We provide accurate bids and quotations for all of our services.

Onsite Consultation and Measurements

With our bidding process, we provide onsite consultations and measuring.  In our experience, its best to get the most information in order to deliver the best final product.