Go Green


Go Green


Commitment to the environment is a way of life at Paradise Concrete Design Studio.

  • Our production methods minimize waste of materials and we follow a lifecycle approach in our manufacturing.
  • We continually investigate new and “greener”  processes and purchase our materials locally. This reduces transportation costs and promotes the local economy.
  • We promote resource efficiency by using common materials that are readily available and abundant in nature and we purchase them as close to home as possible.
  • Almost everything we use is repurposed and reused or recycled.  Our molds and forms are reused and then recycled.
  • We use reclaimed and “gray” water when our formulations allow.
  • Recycled materials such as glass and metal are incorporated into our mixes for strength and often are used in our designs to add interest and style.
  • Our concrete’s lifecycle is longer then many smooth surface products and requires less energy and fewer resources to maintain.  The service life is much longer than other interior and exterior finish materials as well.
  • Concrete products are cast and therefore do not have the waste that is produced by products that are cut from larger slabs.
  • Precast Concrete is inert adding nothing harmful into the air. We use low or no VOC Sealers that maintain air quality.

We are committed to producing superior concrete products using only the best materials and processes and have spent over 20 years improving our methods and designs. We have done this while keeping the environment in mind,  Our strong commitment to do no harm by using up all our materials and recycling waste has helped our community in its environmental efforts which helps our customers.  Thank you!  PCDS.

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