Can you add texture to my concrete?

Yes we can. We also, offer acid-washed stains for our concrete, which creates a leathery or smoldering-metal style to your design.  Review some options here and visit our Portfolio Page.

What kinds of sealers are used?

We customize our sealers to your specific product, including its design. Our sealer recommendations are based upon your maintenance priorities. All of our sealers are quality tested for durability and appearance.

How long will sealers last?

The durability of sealers depends upon the product design, maintenance priorities and frequency of use. Eventually, concrete sealers will need refinishing. We have found that most customers use their concrete for seven to ten years before refinishing is necessary.

How many colors are available?

We can match most of the Benjamin Moore paint colors to provide you with over 67,000 color options. See a list of our most popular color options.

Will concrete crack?

Over time, it is normal for some hairline cracks to develop overtime, but these generally do not cause damage to the concrete.
Paradise Concrete Design Studio guarantees its concrete products against structural cracking when a Paradise Concrete Certified Installer ensures its proper placement and support during the installation process. Specific warranty details are discussed during the design process.

How long do concrete sinks last?

Our sinks will last forever. They are durable and strong. All stone sinks will age over-time and there may be tonal changes like darkening. Let us help you select a color and a sealer that will work for your application.

Bathroom sinks will wear longer and better than kitchen sinks because they are not exposed to the acidic-waste that is put into kitchen sinks. Water hardness has an effect on the wear of a sink as well.

We apply our decades of experience creating thousands of custom sinks to assist you with the best option for your short- and long-term needs. Visit our Portfolio and Contact Us for a complimentary conversation.

How much should I expect to invest in a concrete sink?

Since all of our work is custom, we can provide you with a proposal once we understand your specific needs.

Although concrete is a malleable product, it is one that requires expertise to master and produce. We take into numerous design considerations such as: proper sub-deck design, overhangs that fit-the-cabinetry and style, proper sink placement and quality of sink openings, angles, supports height,  ADA requirements, faucet location and overall design can make the difference in the success of your project. Our Natural Living color options are cost-effective for budget conscious projects.

Will concrete be too heavy?

Our concrete weighs about 11 pounds per square foot. In comparison, granite weights between 19 to 30 pounds per square foot. Simply stated, our concrete is 10 times stronger than regular concrete and yet it weighs one-half as much.  Cast-in-place (three inches thick) concrete weights 38 pounds per square foot.

Our concrete is ten-times stronger than cast-in-place and only a quarter of the weight. It will not adversely affect or damage your cabinetry or other items and yet it is flexible and durable. Our custom concrete can be made in oversized pieces up to six (6) feet wide and up to twelve (12) feet long without a seam.

What about concrete look-alikes and fake stone?

Only concrete is concrete. Anything else is a look-alike or a fake. They are just that, concrete imposters.

Can concrete fit my style?

Even though most people think of concrete for modern and contemporary design styles, it can be designed and colored to fit every design style. Since everything we create is custom, we can modify edge profiles and concrete stain colors to match your design aesthetic.

How do the elements affect concrete?

The sun is the one element that has the most effect on almost all products used outdoors. The sun and time contribute to fading color. The sun may cause cracks and shorten the life of sealers. We guarantee our concrete against cracking and minimize the sun’s effects with UV sealers. Sealers, used inside or outdoors, need to be reapplied over time. We will work with you to determine how product placement, exposure and color selection factor into your decision.

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