Comparison of Concrete Countertops to Granite Counters

01 Apr

Comparison of Concrete Countertops to Granite Counters

What are the Features of Granite and Concrete Counter

Granite and Concrete have many similarities, some make them both perfect to use in kitchens and bathrooms alike. The key is finding a producer with experience and the skill to correctly fabricate and install counters, sinks and other products. Below you will find a comparison of the two products to help you decide which one is best for your project.

Granite: Countertops are fairly durable and come in both 3/4″ and 1″ thicknesses.  It must be fabricated which is an additional cost. Generally, granite maybe as long as 120″ and seams are easily hidden during the installation process.
  1. Like any product granite is better if your use a professional and experienced installer.
  2. Granite scratches if you slide heavy items across the top of the counter.
  3. Do Not set hot pans directly onto granite as it may stain.
  4. Good granite that is unique can be fairly expensive. Cheaper and lighter weight granite is available, but has been so popular that it has lost its uniqueness.  You may see it everywhere you go.
  5. Granite does crack.
  6. It is difficult to make an integral sink out of granite.
  7. Colors are limited to what is available currently.
  8. Granite may be shipped but is extremely heavy and costly.
  9. Edges must be laminated together to get height.
  10. Ogee and ornate edges are available, these may be pricey.
  11. Watch out, you may see your counter all around town.  For the past few years the popularity of granite have made certain styles seem over

Concrete: Countertops are very durable and come in 1 to 1-1/2″ thicknesses.  Our concrete is lightweight and weighs less than granite.  It is poured in our shop so we can control the environment and take care of it while it is curing.  It may be built up to 142″ in length and in 66″ width.  Seams are visible but engineered andare located in manner to minimize their appearance.  Installation is similar to that of granite.
  1. Pick an experienced professional for your project.  You will find a greater selection of colors and styles of sink molds and edge designs if you choose a producer with a long history.
  2. Concrete is sealed and the sealers may scratch if heavy items are moved across a top.  Our sealers are proprietary and very durable.
  3. We advise our customers to use a trivet either cloth or other material to set hot items on our concrete.  This is just good common sense as sealers can be burned by extremely hot pans.
  4. Our concrete is handmade by artisans with years of experience and an eye for design.  It is thicker and therefore more substantial then 3/4″ granite and never looks cheap.
  5. It is rare for our concrete to crack.
  6. We have 100s of sink and edge molds to choose from.  We can easily make a sink to fit your decor.  We can make in a variety of colors and textures.
  7. Our colors are unlimited.  We can also wash the tops with acid or embed glass.  Check them out at our showrooms throughout the Valley.
  8. Our concrete weighs less than granite and we ship everywhere.
  9. Our edges are molded into the product and are integral to the tops.  Once an edge exceeds 6″ we call it an apron.  We have used aprons on many sinks and fireplaces.
  10. We have several edge styles but because concrete is so malleable it can be molded into any shape and beyond the edges the tops may be curved or angled to your taste.
  11. No two counters are alike, they fit into any decor and add a sculptural and natural stone element to any style or decor.  You options are limitless. You won’t see your exact concrete around town.
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