Comparison of Concrete and engineered stone countertops

29 Apr

Comparison of Concrete and engineered stone countertops

Many customers ask me why they should choose concrete over quartz or other engineered stone countertops or tabletops. The answer is preference. Both are very durable, smooth and work well as countertop or tabletop material, but there are many differences. Our concrete is handmade by artisans and they leave their mark and the pieces. Natural imperfections and mottling make each piece of concrete unique. It’s this on-a-kind quality that makes concrete so desirable. Engineered stone is made with some natural materials that are compressed with resin. This process produces a durable finish that works well in many applications. Both concrete and engineered stones are available in many colors, but with concrete you have 67,000 colors that may be mixed and matched to create an infinite selection of colors and textures. Additionally, you may embed glass, metal, stones, and an array of materials. There are no limits to your creativity.

Engineered stone is pressed into slabs and then cut to size while our concrete is formed into any shape, style and almost any size. Edge treatments are available in both products, but concrete is so versatile that you can form any shape and edge height. Concrete edges are formed as a part of the countertop while stone edges are glued and fitted. The quality of either product is dependent upon the quality and experience of the manufacturer/fabricator.

The price of engineered quartz and stone has grown more expensive and many high-end designs cost the as much as high-quality granite. Concrete that is made by an experienced producer is close to high-quality granite in price. Handmade concrete products become a work of art in your home, office or commercial project. Concrete is understated and yet it has a weighty feel that never fights with your decor. We make integral sinks, furniture and outdoor living pieces such as fire pits, fireplaces and benches.

Our concrete is pre-cast in our factory that allows us to control the environment and ensures that each handmade piece is level and cured before it is delivered to you. Engineered stone is pressed and cut by CNC equipment and designs have very little variation if any.
Choose your producer carefully there is no substitute for experience and good craftsmanship. Both engineered stone and concrete should be installed by expert installers to see the best results.

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