Paradise Concrete Care & Warranty Information

Limited Warranty

Paradise Concrete hand makes concrete for home and commercial applications. Our concrete is high-strength reinforced concrete made with our proprietary mix. It is stain resistant and durable. With proper care it will provide years of service. We recommend that our customer read and follow our care instructions. We guarantee our products against cracking for a period of 2 years beyond the pick up or installation date. The warranty is against flaws in workmanship and installation (if our company installed the products). The warranty does not cover inherent concrete flaws such as, hairline fractures (non-structural), tonal changes, mottling, and variation in finish. Since our products are handmade the thicknesses may vary slightly. The warranty does not cover misuse, abuse, repairs made by others, negligence, and improper substrates or installation completed by others. This warranty applies only to products that are installed by certified installers and when care and installation follows our instructions and guidelines. Improperly maintained products may not be covered by this warranty.

This warranty is limited to repair or replacement of Paradise Concrete Products, and Paradise concrete will solely determine its remedies. Paradise Concrete will inspect defects reported to us as provided herein and will notify the customer, in writing, within 30 days of receipt of notice. This warranty is not to exceed provisions provided herein and does not cover sealers or stains unless it is deemed that they are caused by improper sealer application. Further the warranty is null and void on products that have not been paid for in full. When properly maintained, your product should provide years of service and wear.

Care And Maintenance

Cleaning our products is simple – we recommend a drop of dish soap without antibacterial content or lotions in a bucket of water and a clean soft cloth. You may want to rinse the surface with clear water and dry with a terry cloth. Natural cleaners also work well but, avoid citrus based products and products with ammonia. Glass cleaners are generally not recommended.

To bring up shine use very minimal amounts of paste wax either 100% carnauba or bee’s wax is best. Choose a clear wax to prevent any discoloration or use our Genius Waxes. A lightly damp soft cloth works best to apply wax. Do not apply to more than a 24” by 24” areas at a time and buff immediately with thick soft cloth. You may purchase our Genius Wax from us call 480-269-6054. It is food-save and especially compounded for smooth-surface concrete. Again, apply wax sparingly. Thick amounts of wax are difficult to remove and may turn the surface white over time. Thicker waxing does not provide more protection. Light wax (like waxing a car) provides some protection and brings out the color and shine of our surfaces. This should only be repeated annually. Thank you!


Our products are extremely durable and you likely cannot harm our concrete, however sealers are less resilient. We can repair chips, pits and marks, but damage to the sealer may require refinishing. We recommend a few simple steps to help prevent damage to our surfaces.

These are:

  • Avoid visible scratches by picking up heavy or coarse objects to move them. Avoid sliding objects.
  • Protect surfaces during construction from other trades.
  • Use a trivet when placing very hot pans onto counters or surfaces.
  • Avoid leaving terracotta planters that are wet in the same spot for extended periods. These are best moved frequently or not used on our surfaces.
  • Cutting on concrete surfaces dulls knives and may cut through sealers, which may lead to failure of the sealers and scratches. Please use a cutting board whenever possible.
  • Wipe up acidic spill immediately as they sometimes dull the sealers where objects may be sitting. Thank you!

Give us a call for additional guidance and we can answer any questions you may have. Thank you!