Paradise Concrete Design Studio offers customized services for its customers. Designers, Architects, Contractors and Developers are Welcome. We offer Discounts to the Trades.

The Philosophy

Form, Function and Fashion

Form, Function and Fashion— come together to make the best smooth surface concrete available on the market. The professionals at Paradise Concrete make concrete that performs and is functional for its intended use. It is durable, strong, stylish and has longevity. Our concrete’s form is simple in design and understated . You will never get tired of it. We give you the tools you need to create your design dream Every decor is enhance with our variety of colors, textures, designs and accessories that make the difference between just a good project and a simply fabulous one. Concrete this fashionable is perfect for commercial and residential applications. Have questions? Contact us.

The Promise

Beautiful & Functional

We promise to give our customer’s well made concrete products that work and are functional as well as beautiful. Our customers expect the best and they get it. Our products are durable and will give you many years of service. We have been making concrete for 20 years and we are not going anywhere — we will be here when you need support or assistance.

The Experience

Over 20 Years of Experience

With 20 years of experience making smooth-surface concrete we are the best qualified company in the Valley. We specialize in finished smooth-surface concrete — no driveways or foundations made here. The technology in our industry is ever changing, we are the leaders in innovation and style. If you want concrete done right you need us. Give us a call.